mv2space offers consulting and advisory services to the space industry to support successful innovation. We believe that the space sector must change to resemble other parts of the national economy, where new ideas are embraced, new products, applications and services are essential for growth, and risk is accepted and managed routinely. 
Technical innovation, entrepreneurial funding, and sound business strategy and implementation are the three pillars that will support a successful,  self-sustaining space sector.  mv2space provides essential Business Development services to connect innovators with  investors, capabilities with applications and customers, and help successfully manage projects, businesses and risk.

mv2space has broad Business Development expertise, including strategic planning, investment capture, marketing, sales and licensing negotiations, program management, operations and systems engineering. We are committed to supporting our clients in the commercial space sector. Together we are building a healthy space economy... one product at a time.

About Us

Nearly 30 Years of experience in technology maturation, business development, strategy definition, and management. 


Phone: 818-272-1994